Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Anjos do sol (Angels of the sun)

Directed by: Rudi Lagemann
Brazil 2006

Undoubtedly it is a quite didactic, sentimental and predictable movie. But then the theme is really important and urgent as "Anjos do Sol" exposes the sad and shameful reality of child prostitution.

12 year-old illiterate Maria from Northern Brazil (inexperienced Fernanda Carvalho) is sold by her destitute parents to be employed as a housemaid and have better life, but instead she ends up being forced to work as a prostitute under slave-like conditions in a brothel in a gold field in the Amazon, run by evil Saraiva (Antonio Calloni). Overcoming all odds, Maria manages to escape to Rio de Janeiro, where she hopes her life will be better, but the movie leaves us with this bitter feeling that her future may not bring any change at all.

"Anjos do sol" is based on young prostitute's experiences collected by NGO working among them and presents an authentic stories. What I really like about this movie is the fact that its director Rudi Lagemann is exposing the harsh reality but never showing nudity or explicit sexual scenes. I find this aprroach much more touching and convincing than showing everyhing literally. It really hits deep. But then visually, the film is a bit contradictory, as Lagermann indulges in carefully planned framings and complex camera movements that soften the raw and ugly theme. It just all looks a little bit too beautiful. Still, the most important fact is that the film brings more attention to this depressing issue. Therefore, despite all its flaws more people need to see it!

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  1. Very good movie, a very touching story that manages to entertain but especially so cruel captivate the topic it addresses. By the way I allow myself to recommend the O negocio series whose story is based on group of women who make the oldest craft a mix between marketing and pleasure, I think this series and the tape have somewhat of a relationship as both address the issue of the damn business sex but approached from different socioeconomic levels, plus two proposals are Brazilian.